Deep in the Appalachian Mountains of Wilkes Co. North Carolina,"Jasper Lawrence Triplett" made shine back in the hollars of a place called Darby. He provided his family with money from he southern folk who came from far and wide for some of his shine. From the time of the Great Depression until he passed in 1958, this is all he knew. Revenuers caught him twice and prison took away several years of his life, but it never did take away from Jasper's way of living. Jasper's grandson Chad wrote and recorded "Jasper's Shine" in honor of Jasper's bootlegging days. There's a line in the song that goes like this, "Jasper's shine runs through my veins passed from Daddy with Amazing Grace". It captures the rich history and outlaw spirit of Jasper's life, which was passed from Jasper's son Harm to his son Chad. It's now being handed on down to Chad's boy's Treigh, Tyler and Tanner. Just like the song "Jasper's Shine" this bottle captures the same outlaw spirit and it's made with true mountain made corn whiskey that's heavily steeped in the Triplett Family Tradition.  Enjoy in straight, over ice or with your favorite mixed drink. Please drink responsibly and enjoy. Be sure to stop by and visit with us a spell at The South Mountain Distillery in Rutherford College, NC and catch one of Chad Triplett's country shows across the south. Chad's music is available on his website, iTunes and where ever great country music is sold online.
The "Jasper's Shine" Story